Having finally placed my reservation on a Model X back in July, I figure I should probably test drive a Tesla before committing to buy one...

...so I sign up to do so when Tesla brings a few Model S configurations to the Marriott close to my workplace.

I have requested to drive the 85 (as in non-performance, maximum range as I figure that would most likely be my preferred configuration for their upcoming SUV...and I wouldn't want my opinion colored by the latter's insane acceleration).  When I check in, my Tesla hosts not only tell me I should drive both the 85 and P85, but strongly encourage me to try the latter.

As I drive the Model S, I am surprised by how well the vehicle hides its weight.  Thanks to the low placement of batteries and motor, its center of gravity is lower than most cars, so the Model S corners surprisingly flat. This bodes very well for their upcoming SUV...which supposedly will be built off the same platform.  And, despite NOT being a performance model, the 85 pulls pretty hard when accelerating.  I am encouraged to punch it a couple of times...even when driving the P85.

85 = Impressive
P85 = Most impressive
I can't imagine what the ludicrous P85D is like!

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