• Meeko emerges from under the bed

  • but unfamiliar noises startle him.

  • "Does grandma hide toys up there?"

  • "Meeko, come out and play!"

At Grandma's

This year, mommy and daddy brought us to grandma's house for Thanksgiving. This gave us a chance to better know the family and, more importantly, to become comfortable staying in her home (our parents wanted to leave us there while spending a week in Hawaii).

Immediately, I boldly explored where neither of us had been before. Meeko found the whole experience very intimidating at first, but eventually got used to the change of surroundings.

While our parents were away, Grandma fed us well and gave us lots of lovin'. Though we didn't have full run of the house, Grandma kept us entertained with a variety of toys.

But there's no place like home.

  • Mushu likes the toys at grandma's.

  • Even Meeko can't resist.

  • But we're still forming opinions about our aunties and uncle.

  • Meeko is not quite sure about this strange place.

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