• This one has MY name on it!

  • What a treat...FRESH GRASS!

  • Tasty!

  • Nom nom nom!

  • Just one string attached.

  • Mushu stops to smell the flowers.

Daily Rut Part II

We sleep in the bedroom most of the day, saving energy for when our parents return from work. I usually catch my "Z's" on my hammock. Meeko prefers the quiet of under the bed...but will occasionally rest atop the gym.

When mommy returns home, she cuddles, loves, and plays with us until we tire out. When daddy returns home later in the evening, both cuddle, love, and play with us until we tire out. We often watch TV with our parents before going to bed.

During the night, Meeko dives under the sheets, forcefully making space between mommy and daddy. I prefer to lie stretched alongside daddy, draped across his chest, on the pillow above mommy's head, or at the foot of the bed.

  • Mushu really loves his hammock

  • while Meeko prefers the gym.

  • Meeko waits in daddy's office,

  • but gets tired of waiting.

  • Daddy, are you done yet?

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