• Mushu is starting to appreciate art

  • but prefers to watch water rise

  • and relax on clean bedsheets.

  • When do we eat?

  • Grrrrrr..mmmmmmust get catnip!

1 Year Rut?

Even though we've only been around for one year, we're already stuck in a rut.

In the morning, we wake up early and bug our parents until they get up and make us breakfast. Before heading downstairs to the kitchen, I always inspect the hallway bookshelf for any toys that daddy might have forgotten to put away.

While daddy prepares our breakfast, we impatiently pace, meow, and stretch to sneek a peek of what we're having. Daddy always lets us lick the serving spoon. After breakfast, I go straight to the toy drawer. Daddy usually plays with us before heading off to work. Before he leaves, we make sure he cleans our litter and fills our bowls with dry food.

  • I know something new is in here.

  • I just can't open this thing!

  • Thanks for the helping hand, daddy.

  • What's this? A bag full of mice?

  • There are too many of them!

  • This one has MY name on it!

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