• Meeko and Mushu on the gym

  • Mushu poses with mommy

  • and then does Meeko.

  • Mushu reclines in daddy's arms

Party...It's 1999!

Our parents seem to think the New Year's arrival is something to celebrate. But we haven't even lived for an entire year, so how can we possibly appreciate its significance. And since our parents have removed the Christmas tree and all of the wonderful toys from the living room, we're not so sure that the New Year is something worth celebrating.

One thing is for sure, my New Year resolution must be to jump higher than any cat has ever jumped before.

Meeko thinks I may have inhaled helium from the balloons I played with a few months ago...or perhaps I took one too many hits from the Christmas catnip. I have certainly had some pretty crazy ideas since then.

  • One of Meeko's favorite spots.

  • Meeko plays with his red mouse.

  • Mushu gets serious hang-time!

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