• DECEMBER - Mushu investigates a mysterious new toy that has been placed conveniently within reach from the dining room

  • Mushu bites the bow off a Xmas gift

  • He REALLY loves those stick-on bows

  • Mushu looks for more bows

  • Not a creature was stirring

1st Christmas!

Christmas is coming
The goose is getting fat
And if I can find it...
I'll be a happy cat.

So what is this Christmas thing that our parents keep singing about? All we know is that there's a new kind of tree in our house...one that has a delightful aroma, sheds green needles, is covered with toys that we cannot play with (at least when our parents are looking), and sits in a sticky bowl of very tasty water. And around the tree are many colorful boxes topped with tempting shiny bows.

We may not understand what Christmas is all about, but our home has become quite the amusement park. There's fun to be had around every corner.

  • Meeko peeks under the tree

  • Meeko and his new red mouse.

  • Meeko sits this round out

  • Too much excitement for one day!

  • Meeko on a catnip high

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