• Catnip mouse!

  • Mushu still nuzzles and kneads like a kitten...

  • ...but has outgrown some habits

  • He still plays like a kitten

  • but he's becoming a handsome cat

Growing Fast!

The main problem with kittenhood is that it simply doesn't last very long. Now we we must face the harsh realities of the world. We must move beyond our favorite small spaces and find larger ones to squeeze into. Play time must be balanced with more intellectually stimulating pursuits, such as figuring out what makes balloons float in the air (so we can bring them back to earth and chew on them).

Mommy and daddy still call us their "babies," but we're clearly not kittens anymore. We wonder if they'll ever stop calling us that...

  • Mushu won't let go of these balloons...

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