• but cannot escape his mother's arms

  • Mushu tries grass...in a pot

  • and takes a bath to wash off the dirt

  • Mushu's face is all wet!

Child's Play!

One thing about being a kitten, every day is an adventure. Whether that means a trip to our grandparent's home and meeting our uncle and aunties, getting a brand new toy, or watching water drop from the bathtub faucet, everything is fresh and exciting.

We totally "dig" potted plants, their tasty green leaves and enticing loose soil are simply too hard to resist. Grass is especially sweet. Perhaps we feel this way since we can't play outside, but we're not complaining. We never run out of things to do...as we can always wrestle with one another.

But when all is said and done, nothing beats taking a nap in our parents' arms.

  • Mushu confronts Uncle Jean-Luc,

  • wrestles with his brother,

  • attacks an unsuspecting plant,

  • but cannot escape his mother's arms

  • Mushu carries his toy across the entry floor

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