• Is this Meeko or a poodle?

  • Meeko returns from the vet

  • with stitches and less fur!

  • Back on his feet, Meeko

  • finds Mushu in the closet.


The big mystery for Y2K was how Meeko fractured the ball joint of his left leg. He's not talking much about the incident, which leads me to believe that he did something stupid. Perhaps he clumsily fell out of our climbing tree or attempted a jump that was too far...but, never having been outdoors, Meeko certainly wasn't hit by a car as our vet suspected. Odd.

Realizing that the injury could cause him lifelong pain, Meeko opted for surgery. The vet fixed Meeko up, giving him a new ball joint upon which to balance. After a few months of limping, Meeko was back to normal...though his beautiful fur coat took many months longer to grow back.

  • Nothing beats fresh water!

  • For me? You shouldn't have!

  • What? I didn't!

  • I'll help mommy open this one!

  • You're welcome...put me down!

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