• Meeko enjoys the hammock

  • Oh what a beautiful morning!

  • "Paperless society?" Not here...

  • Eat grass or attack Bella???

  • Meeko says, "Eat the grass!"

Got Pests Part II

Meeko and I hoped that Bella would get too comfortable living at grandma's...that maybe she would want to stay behind when the time came to depart.

Of course, I was hoping she would get mauled by one of grandma's cats, but no such luck. Bella survived the weekend and returned home with us.

And, to make matters worse, we now have to share our precious grass with her!

(We received this particular cat grass free from the Mad Catter at the Orange County Marketplace. Apparently an inconsiderate human broke the pot it came in...and kept on walking. The nerve of some humans!)

  • Hallmarks of Felinity #62?

  • Resting by the baskets

  • Mushu is a taker

  • Bella and Meeko on bed

  • and Mushu enjoys the gym

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