• D'oh! She's still here!!!

  • Her fur is all over our bed!

  • Get it off! GET IT OFF!

  • Where's dad taking me?

  • Wow, it's bright out here!

Got Pests?

Meeko and I have come to the conclusion that Bella has moved in...permanently. She's taken over our bed and our parents' laps. Worse, she whines when she's not the center of attention and often gets her way.

When I overheard our parents talking about eliminating pests, I got excited. Unfortunately, our parents were talking about a different kind of pest - termites!

In August, we were forced to vacate our home while it was being tented and gassed. As a result, we spent another weekend at grandma's home.

Though this was Bella's first time visiting grandma's place, it didn't take her very long to feel comfortable with the change of surroundings.

  • What was I thinking?

  • Meeko prepares for transport.

  • Tired after the drive to grandma's,

  • we decide to hit the sack early.

  • I love cleaning stinky feet!

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