• At least that dog went away after a few days...

  • Are you SURE the dog left?

  • What's Bella doing in OUR room?

  • Meeko doesn't like you either!

Hella Bella!

May 21, 2000 - Just as Meeko and I celebrate the retreat of a violent black & white trespasser and the departure of a naughty yellow beast, we are told we must learn to share our toys, our food, our very bedroom with a dark gray hairball. Life's not fair I tell you. It just isn't!

Don't our parents realize that two's company, but three's a crowd?

We understand that unfortunate circumstances left Bella in need of a new home, but we were only asked to put up with her for five days...at most. Why our parents chose ours as her permanent residence is well beyond our comprehension.

Sympathy is one thing. To fall in love with her is betrayal!

  • Oh great...she's on our bed!

  • Hey Mushu, she's kinda cute!

  • Fine! You two take the bed...I'm happier down here anyway!

  • You guys like me, right?

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