• Wait a minute...who are you?

  • The stranger stares at Meeko,

  • then suddenly attacks!!

  • Dad chases the stranger away.

Invasion x 2

Home has always been our security blanket. Even when strange humans have visited us, we have always been able to retreat to our bedroom where we can find sanctuary in the heights of our tree or the depths under our parents bed. But we have never had visits from other cats...until recently.

One day, a neighbor dropped by for an unannounced visit. This cat invaded our patio, advanced towards our sliding glass door, looked inside our home, and boldly lunged at Meeko. The glass shielded Meeko from the attack and, fortunately, our dad was able to chase the trespasser away.

But then our dad unexpectedly brought a menacing yellow beast into our home...

  • Woah! WTH is THAT?

  • And how did it get inside?

  • Hey, this is OUR room!

  • Will these strangers return?

  • Taking turns atop our tree

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