• How humiliating?!?!

  • And stop calling me cross-eyed!

  • Meeko admires the view.

  • Mushu's new resting spot.

  • Meeko perches below Mushu.


Though there was a lot of talk about problems with Y2K, we knew the arrival of the New Year would be uneventful. And, though our parents took away the Christmas tree again, we're not complaining...our tree is much nicer.

To celebrate the year 2000, we have made a few changes to our website. Most significantly, we have implemented JavaScript enhancements to make viewing photos of us a more pleasurable experience. We have also modified the page browsing table (the box at the bottom of each page) to better accommodate our site's continued growth. 

  • We love our new tree. Thanks, grandma!

  • ...now we know better!

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