• Back to the familiarity of home.

  • These things sorta look familiar.

  • That's where I've seen them before!

  • Put them on the tree? I think not.

  • Are my presents in here?

Our 2nd Xmas!

Shortly after returning home from grandma's house, our parents placed a brand new Christmas tree in the living room and started filling the house with even more goodies for us to sink our claws into.

But the big surprise was what grandma brought us on Christmas morning. She gave us a huge new tree for our bedroom. 7 feet tall and built specifically for climbing and lounging upon, this was truly the best gift any cat could ever receive. Grandma must have really enjoyed our visit to be so generous with us.

So this Christmas thing comes only once a year, eh? Too bad it can't last year round!

  • Meeko and Mushu wait for Santa...

  • ...dreaming about the gifts he'll bring.

  • The presents have arrived!

  • Look what Grandma gave us!

  • We thought THIS tree was big...

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