• Meeko plays

  • We're lovin' mommy's arms

  • Meeko and I on the stairs

  • We play in the baskets...


June 27, 1998 - Meeko and I (Mushu) have been adopted into the home of Valerie and Eric. We love our new parents, but we wish daddy wouldn't disappear so much during the day. And when he comes home he often smells... we think he works for a DOG, but we can't prove it since we're not allowed to go outside.

One of the benefits of having such caring and tech-savvy parents is we get to have our very own Web page! From time to time here you will find new pictures of us sleeping, playing, eating, sleeping... basically everything we do best. Visit here often to see what exciting new things we get ourselves into.

  • I sleep on mommy's leg

  • or nap on my parents' bed

  • or on the dining room chair

  • but not in this copper tin!


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